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2009-07-30 12:03:45 by Sliverbane

Sooo... I've submitted some art. I need more finished pieces to get scouted. So I will work harder to get those finished pieces out there!!

I really want to animate a short featuring my chracter Nehra. I have a few ideas for short funny animations. I'm torn between doing something simple and to the point or taking more time to do something with more detail (art) involved. I own Anime Studio and I realize it has limitations. I've never used Flash - so it will be a learning process. Lots hurdles to overcome. I hope to find some good info in the Newgrounds forums.

In the mean time I am recording some new music as well. I'd be so flattered if someone chose my piece of music for their project... :)

*Chibi Nehra with favorite pillow

Posting Artwork


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